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I share creative ideas about revamping old useless things and transforming scrap material to wearable fashion or a work of art to decorate your room. Innovative Ideas that save your pocket

You go for shopping, you see a gorgeous tassel earring and you want to buy it, you look at the price tag and feel 'Dude 500 for this! are you effin serious? I can totally make it without even spending more than 50'. If this happens to you, you are definitely in the right place.

Nothing to be ashamed of, happens with me a lot! Not that I can't afford it, I just cannot digest that the threads used for that tassel earring won't cost more than 30 and the hook for maybe 5.
I can save that 465 or spend it elsewhere.
Reason why these are expensive is the brand name, but if you wanna spend less in some areas you’d love this blog.


I keep doing these things, this is what I am, I love improvising. This was just a thought that all these things I make, why not share it with you people.
I saw people share their work and I learned a lot from it thought my work might also help people.
So I wasn't certain about it I just created a blog I knew nothing about editing it or templates, looking at html coding made me sick. I experienced a lot of technical issues. Nothing to brag about new start is always difficult but all credits to Google I somehow managed everything :P

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