10 DIY CHOKER IDEAS - All Under Rs50 Only!

07 January

Chokers are in trend from a long time and these are super easy to make!
I wanted to do this from a long time so here are 10 DIY Choker Ideas that will save you a heck lot of money.

If you order 10 chokers from amazon it would cost you more than Rs500 but here I show you how you can style by budget.
I did not buy anything specifically for this diy but I had everything available with me.
If you are into craft even you'd have everything around you. 

  • Macame thread
  • Broken jewellery
  • Useless denim jean
  • Glue
  • Scrap leather pieces
    (you can use fabric too)
I searched online for choker and some of them were really expensive but easy to make it's just the brand what makes it expensive so I recreated them with leather & eyelet.
(You can get eyelet n local shop for Rs3 only)
Nobody will know if its handmade or from a high end brand.
This is my version of recreating trendy chokers and creating some of my own.


And here are some more pictures of what I made,





Hope you find it fun & useful to make :)
If you try them don't forget to tag me in the picture or email me I'd honestly love to see your work.

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I'll see you next week, Byeee! ✌- Puja

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