20 August

Hi guyss!

This is something I wanted to do from a long time so here it is
I have other freehand mandala videos which are perfect for beginners. (I link it down)

Coming back to this stuff, honestly it is very easy to do,you just have to be careful about the placements where you want what to go. This dot art is done on a canvas. The technique for this dot art is very simple and I haven't used any tools, I just went for things like pencils, paint brushes and later I found a crochet needle lying in my cupboard so ended up using experimenting and using them. This is a very easy to do Mandala dot art,even if you're not good at drawing you can easily do this.
I have used fevicryl acrylic color and i just used orange yellow and mixed i did mix up these color to make different shades.
Finally I also used a pink nail paint to make this mandala art.
This is perfect to hang it in your bedroom as a home decor or to gift people on holidays or you can just sell it on ebay if you want ;P

I hope you like this dot art.

LINK to other Mandala art for beginners :

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I'll see you next week. Byeeee!
- Puja 

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